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Confidence and clarity on your path to greatness in eight weeks.

Former Division I head coach and All American Jim Harshaw

Newsflash: Athletics did NOT prepare you for success.

At least, not the kind of success YOU want: the six-figure promotion, the corner office, the twice-a-year getaway to Turks & Caicos.

As an athlete, you learned hard work. You learned to execute when you’re uncomfortable. You’ve learned to run toward a challenge and perform under duress. You’ve got the same traits as special forces trained soldiers—but you DON’T have the training to use them in your professional life.

But all of that changes today.

To achieve true greatness in the REAL WORLD, you need a rock-solid foundation for success in your life—and a custom blueprint for building it.


Because there are two types of successful people.

1) There are those who are successful and unhappy. They live an unbalanced life with broken relationships, poor health and no clear understanding of what’s important to them other than money. They drive a luxury car and wear expensive clothes but inside they’re hollow. No, thank you.

2) And there are those who are successful and truly fulfilled. They drive the same luxury car and also wear expensive clothes but they have their relationships in order, prioritize their health and have a clear understanding of what’s important to them other than money.

The guy whose Prada necktie feels like a noose? He chased after a STEREOTYPE of success—not what he actually wanted in life.

The guy who makes tons of money AND loves his life? He built his foundation and custom blueprint FIRST.

So who do you want to be?

I designed Reveal Your Path to give you the confidence, clarity, and action plan you need to FINALLY achieve breakthrough success.

Imagine waking up every day with a crystal clear sense of purpWrestling with Greatness Discover Your Path Harshawose.

Your mind is focused, your passion is palpable, and you know the exact steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

You no longer grapple with self-doubt and worry. You don’t spin in circles and beat yourself up for inaction…because you’re on the fast-track to personal and professional fulfillment.

With my exclusive step-by-step system, you’ll design your personal success blueprint and customized 12-month action plan in just 8 weeks.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll learn:

  • What you truly want in life.

  • The daily routines and habits of wildly successful former athletes.

  • The best resources and people to inspire and motivate you at every stage of your journey.

  • The proven action steps and models of success you MUST follow to achieve your personal brand of fulfillment.

Recently, I completed the program and can honestly say it totally changed the direction of my life.  I would pay double what I did to be where I am today.
Eric Albright
I’ve seen and felt more personal change in myself in the past 10 weeks than any other period in my life.
John Lyons, Sr Engineer
Jim’s expertise lies in his ability to view things from an entirely unique perspective, offering ideas and feedback that aren’t just different, but highly effective. I jumped at the chance to be an early participant in Reveal Your Path, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. I took away two game changers from the program that are now a regular part of my life.
Charlie Brenneman, UFC Veteran, Author, Motivational Speaker
I felt like I’ve taken a huge leap forward. Like I went straight from first gear to fourth gear.
Irina Allison, CEO, Apex Real Estate
I’m shattering the goals I’ve set for myself already. I feel pretty much unstoppable. Every aspect of my life has been affected positively.
Neal Ewers, Executive Director, Beat the Streets Toronto


What qualifies me to share this with you?

I’m glad you asked!

I was a Division I All American at the University of Virginia. Statistically, it’s harder for a high school wrestler to become a Division I All American than a high school football player to make it to the pros.

The work required to get there was borderline absurd.

I was the guy who woke up at 5 a.m. and broke into the basketball arena to work out. I would be running arena stairs holding a 45 lb plate over my head before most of my opponents even rolled out of bed.

I believed that it was this work ethic that was responsible for my success. For getting on the podium at NCAA’s. For getting invited to the Olympic Training Center. For earning a spot on a US team that traveled to Turkey.

I was wrong. 

For nearly two decades, I drifted through life unaware of what was responsible for my successes and failures. Goal setting program Jim HarshawI would succeed at one thing and fail at the next. It wasn’t until I paused and reflected on my life that I discovered a pattern. A blueprint. A system that was in place for my successes but was largely absent when I failed.

Then I began looking at others who were successful– CEO’s, millionaires, professional athletes, military leaders– and I noticed the same blueprint, the same pieces of the puzzle, were in place. Certainly the work ethic of an athlete was required but there was so much more.

That’s when I knew I had to share this with the world. We have maybe the most important ingredient for success in our work ethic- something that most other people just don’t have. BUT without the foundational principles of success– without this blueprint– this ingredient that athletes have is wasted.

That’s when I began putting together the program that I’m offering you today. Reveal Your Path.

What will Reveal Your Path do for you?
  • You’ll be confident and clear on the steps you need to take to reach your personal greatness.

  • Knowledge of what makes you tick; What you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

  • You’ll get unstuck. No more self-doubt on your path to success.

  • 4-6 clearly defined goals each with a fully developed action plan.

  • Fully developed Environment of Excellence in your life that fosters your success.

  • Confidence and clarity in the exact steps you’ll need to take to achieve your own personal greatness.

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More Testimonials…

I love this version of myself the most and I’ll do anything to keep this going.
Dr. Isaac Greeley
“I found the Reveal Your Path program delivered on everything it promised and more. What I found most valuable was getting a level of clarity on my most important goals that I haven’t had since I was competing in college. Gaining that clarity allowed me to break through the inertia and made taking action easy because I knew that the results of that action would take me closer to my ideal life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be extraordinary by doing the extra things that most people are unwilling to do.”
Sam Shames, MIT grad, entrepreneur, 4x All American wrestler
“Reveal Your Path helped me get clarity and knowledge on my life. It helped me develop a system for getting the right things done.
Jake Bloom, M.A., LPC, NCC, Counselor, AOD Program Specialist

Only a maximum of 6 participants will be accepted onto each team, then the course will be closed immediately.

How is this different from other personal development programs?
  • RYP includes tools and tactics of the ultra-successful that will explode your results quickly.

  • It’s designed by a former athlete for people who competed at any level.

  • Instead of addressing just one part of your life, RYP is a complete life-design program.

  • You’ll begin to experience results immediately.

RYP is currently full.
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Three options now available.

Option 1 Self-Guided
Starting Monday, September 25, you’ll receive an email with a video and worksheet each Monday for the first four (of eight) weeks of the program. You’ll get 100% access to everyone in the program via the private Facebook Group 
for discussion, feedback and interaction with others like you. You’ll also receive emails on Tuesday and Wednesday with tips and tactics. Finally, you’ll get a one-on-one coaching call FREE with me ($175 value) that can be scheduled up to four weeks after you complete the course (week 8).
  All for just $247.

Option 2 Guided Mastermind
Starting Monday, September 25, you’ll receive everything from Option 1 PLUS a weekly group coaching call or “mastermind” call during the first four weeks. This powerful weekly call brings the accountability that makes RYP transform your life and is the most praised component of the program. This mastermind call will help you with validation, feedback and accountability so that you can get the most from your time in the program.
BONUS! An additional mastermind call will take place week 8.
All for just $497.

Option 3 One-on-One
 Starting Monday, September 25, you’ll receive everything from Option 1 and Option 2 PLUS a weekly one-on-one coaching call and unlimited email access to me so that you can not only maximize what you learn from the program but leverage my experience in working with high performers. We’ll schedule this call at a time that’s convenient for you.
All for just $997

Virginia Motivational Speaker Jim Harshaw Reveal Your Path

RYP is currently full.
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the next session of RYP  opens. 

There’s no comparison in terms of the money spent to the value received.
Jared Kahmar, Head Principal, Port Jervis City School District

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The first discovery lesson will arrive in your inbox on
Monday, September 25at 7 a.m. EST

Here’s how Reveal Your Path is  delivered…


  • Weekly Video: Each Monday starting Monday, September 25 you’ll receive a video introducing the discovery lesson for the week.

  • Weekly Worksheet: Each Monday you’ll also receive a worksheet that will reveal your path for the particular step that you are on.

  • Tools and Tips: On Tuesdays and Wednesdays you’ll receive tools and tips via email that will reveal secrets of the successful and help you have small breakthroughs that lead to significant success.

  • Mastermind Calls: On Fridays at noon EST. I will facilitate a mastermind group phone call with you and the others in the program (maximum 6).

RYP is an eight-week program. Each week you’ll receive success coaching, peer feedback and self-guided resources that will lead you to identify your values, creating goals that align with your values, developing an “environment of excellence” and finally a system for follow through. 

RYP is currently full.
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You’ll also learn…
  • Why traditional goal-setting fails 90% of the time.

  • The one ridiculously simple trick that high achievers use to guarantee success.

  • Why clarity is not enough—the “secret mind games” that explode your results quickly.

Our 60 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience after the eight-weeks of Reveal Your Path,  I will refund 110% of your money back. 


Jim Harshaw Discover Your Path

More praise for Jim Harshaw

Success leaves clues, and by getting to hear first hand from some of the top people in their field is a great way to surround myself with ideas, thoughts, and actions that help me on my path to greatness. Keep up the great work.
Jake Herbert, NCAA Champion, Olympian, World Silver Medalist

Jim’s insights are hugely beneficial for helping to define my goals and taking action towards making them a reality!
Pete Jacobson, Entrepreneur, head wrestling coach, Edgemont High School

By sharing on his own experiences with struggle and success and providing easy-to-use tools to inspire, define, and move us toward our goals, he made it safe (and easy!) for us to step into the ring, defeat our internal saboteurs, and let go of our fears of failure so we can finally succeed.
Eliizabeth Derby, entrepreneur, speaker, designer

The first Discovery lesson will arrive in your inbox on
Monday, September 25at 7 a.m. EST

Got questions? Email jim -at- or call (434) 409-0257

RYP is currently full.
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the next session of RYP  opens.